Custom software development solutions

From the Operations Control Center to the Flight Deck, Eagle Cap’s experienced software developers are designing and building solutions tailored to the requirements of our customers.

Featured Customers

Designed and Prototyped a day of flight management tool

Aviation Solutions

Over 200 years of combined experience developing and deploying a wide-range of applications for the Commercial, Military, Business, and General aviation markets.

  • Flight operations solutions
  • Electronic charting (Enroute and Terminal)
  • Flight planning and dispatch
  • Navigation – EFB and moving map applications
  • Integration with Avionics/FMS
  • Data processing and delivery

Software Development

Our expertise and productivity deliver quality, reliability, and flexibility while accelerating time to market!

  • Extending the capacity of your team
  • Accelerate your schedules or rescue projects in trouble
  • Helping modernize your software solutions
  • Implement a new product idea
  • Maintenance of existing software
  • Identify and develop technical solutions to business needs

Eagle Cap is big enough to support all sizes of projects, yet small enough to be innovative, agile, and laser focused on our customer’s projects.

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Eagle Cap Software supports Luke’s Wings  – a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the support of service members who have been wounded in battle by providing complimentary airline tickets to wounded warriors and their loved ones during the hospitalization and rehabilitation process.  Donations can be made at the Luke’s Wings donation site.

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