Software Development Services

Eagle Cap can provide a wide range of development services to best match your needs!

  • Project Rescue
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Moving your applications to the cloud
  • Software or System Architecture and Design
  • Prototyping
  • User Experience Design
  • Research and Development
  • Supporting Disciplines

    Project Management
    Software Test
    Design and Architecture

Project Rescue

Eagle Cap’s high caliber engineering team can help you rescue projects that are behind or in trouble (whether schedule or technical). Our team can hit the ground running, come up to speed quickly, and work across most technology stacks for flexibility in tasking.

Staff Augmentation

Have more work than you can do internally?  Need surge help to get a project over the line?  Eagle Cap can provide short or long term staff augmentation to work as part of your team.

Moving to the Cloud

 We have demonstrated the ability to migrate software running on internal IT systems to the cloud for increased performance, lower operating cost, scalability, and reliability. We have also taken terabytes of customer data downloads and moved the distribution to the cloud, saving bandwidth from customer downloads and significantly lowering overall IT costs.

Architecture and Design

Eagle Cap has high caliber experts in almost every technology or platform. Whether you need help designing your system or reviewing existing designs and implementations for an unbiased opinion and recommendation, we can help. The Eagle Cap team has extensive experience architecting, developing, deploying, and maintaining everything from large-scale systems to small products.

Prototyping and UX Design

 Eagle Cap can work with you to design or redesign your applications for usability as well as quickly prototype product ideas as real working software to further explore and refine the concept, usability, and design. We have a passion for designing solutions that are intuitive, easy to use, and follow the design paradigms for the platform. In competitive industries, there are often many products that have similar feature sets and the differentiator is often not which product has the most features, but which product is the most efficient, enabling the user to be the most effective.

Research and Development

 The Eagle Cap team can provide high-caliber capacity to research specific concepts, technologies, architecture, or even product ideas. We can then develop that to whatever level of maturity you request, from a report or presentation to working software prototypes.

Supporting Disciplines

Eagle Cap can provide software engineering disciplines to augment your team as well including project management, software test, test automation, or requirements definition.