Eagle Cap Technical Expertise

Our expertise and productivity deliver quality, reliability, and flexibility while accelerating time to market

Eagle Cap Software has significant experience developing and delivering not just products, but solutions to market.  We have expertise across platforms, languages, technologies, and development tools.

We bring to the table a breadth and depth of capabilities¬†ensure our customers get solutions that take into account all the “ilities” – Usability, Maintainability, Testibility, Flexibility, Scalability, Availability, Reliability, Extensibility, and Portability.

  • Objective C
  • C#/WPF/WCF
  • C/C++/MFC
  • Java/J2EE/Scala
  • Scripting languages – JavaScript, ASP, JSP, PHP, Perl, Tcl and Python
  • Databases – SQLite/SQL/Oracle/etc.
  • Web: HTML, HTML5, CSS, Apache, WebLogic, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), jQuery, Struts