The Eagle Cap Difference

Eagle Cap’s strength is in the quality of our people

Eagle Cap is an Oregon-based software development company with expertise across platforms and engineering disciplines. With a team of 25 top-notch technology professionals, Eagle Cap is big enough to quickly hit the ground running on new projects while still small enough to maintain a high-caliber team that remains agile, innovative, and responsive to our customer’s needs. As a testament to the success of Eagle Cap’s awesome team, we continue to grow having more than doubled in size each of our first three years in business.

In addition to Eagle Cap’s outstanding technology team, one aspect of the company that sets it apart is the level of Aviation and Marine domain expertise within the company. Every employee at Eagle Cap has worked in the Aviation industry developing aviation applications for at least 5 years, with over half of the Eagle Cap team at 10+ years in the aviation industry, and more than a third at 15+ years.  See our Aviation Industry Experience for more information.

Eagle Cap employees thrive on solving challenging real-world problems with cutting edge technology and innovative solutions. We offer a wide range of development services to help our customers take their products and systems from concept to market. Learn how we can help your company get a leg up on the competition, whether it’s supplementing your current development capabilities, becoming your development team, designing and developing or just developing a new product/solution, or helping you grow your development expertise. The Eagle Cap team has developed software ranging from complex systems for highly regulated industries to simple mobile applications.

At Eagle Cap we are focused on staying on top of new technologies and design patterns, learning, and continually improving how we work. We aren’t writing the same code over and over, using the same technologies, we’re continually improving – whether it’s technologies or “process”. The only constant is change and if you’re not improving you’re getting worse – and we embrace that premise.

Our Foundation

Eagle Cap was founded and is led by software professionals with a philosophy of hire the best in their disciplines, provide an environment that is fun, challenging, and rewarding to work in while enabling them to be great, and get out of the way!

Leadership’s responsibility at Eagle Cap is to hire the best people, eliminate distractions so the teams can focus on doing good work (in programming language “create an abstraction layer” for the development teams), and participate in the technology as time allows!

Innovation and excellence can’t be “created” through process, it’s a product of the people and environment.

The best technologists + the best working conditions/environment = the best results. 

Our Core Values

  • We hire only top talent, period.
  • Our leadership is committed to empowering individuals to achieve and be the best.
  • We enjoy building excellent software, and believe the best software comes from an environment where people can work hard, be productive, and still have fun!
  • We value team members who are self-motivating, self-starters, disciplined, and don’t wait to be told what to do.
  • A flat organization with minimal hierarchy is simple and effective. We provide context, not command and control.
  • The ability and willingness to contribute across disciplines is nurtured and encouraged, including doing whatever is necessary to get the job done.
  • We believe innovation comes from culture, not process. We value flexibility and innovation in everything we do.
  • We encourage and expect passionate discussion and debate to make the best decisions – no holding back.

Eagle Cap Leadership Team

Dane Winchester
Dane WinchesterChief Executive Officer
Dane Winchester is a co-founder of Eagle Cap Software, Inc. In his role as CEO, he sets the overall business strategy and manages Eagle Cap’s development activities.

Dane has over 18 years in software development with the last 15 years dedicated to leading the development of aviation software solutions at Jeppesen, a Boeing Company.

Dane is a technology, business, and people leader. A domain expert in aviation software, he has been intimately involved in the development and launch of industry leading flight planning (JetPlanner and MilPlanner), moving map/EFB applications, and charting applications including the industry changing Jeppesen Mobile TC and Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck products.

Dane holds an MBA from the University of Oregon and a BS in Decision Science. He was born and raised in Portland, Oregon where he currently lives with his wife Stephanie, enjoying the many outdoor activities afforded by the great Northwest including sailboat racing, salmon fishing, fly fishing, and camping.

Details about the software projects and products Dane has lead can be found on his Portfolio Page.

Tom Perkowski
Tom PerkowskiPresident
Tom Perkowski is a co-founder of Eagle Cap Software. In his role as President, he develops and executes the sales, marketing and partnership strategies for the company.

Tom has over 25 years of experience selling complex products and services for small start-ups to Fortune 50 corporations. Dane and Tom met at Jeppesen, a Boeing Company, during the rollout of Sensor Control, a multi-modal mapping program where Tom served as the Capture Team Lead. Tom was also involved with the electronic flight bag (EFB), moving map, and UAV programs.

With a thirst for entrepreneurship, Tom actively participates in the burgeoning San Diego start-up ecosystem. He is a private pilot, single engine, land who has a passion for aviation. He has served as a FAA Safety Team member where in 2012 he developed a very popular presentation “The iPad for General Aviation” and followed it up six months later with a comparison of the top three iPad moving map applications.

Tom holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Pennsylvania State University. Originally a native of Philadelphia, Tom calls San Diego home where he works virtually and lives physically with his wife Mai and stepdaughter Allyson.

John Kelly
John KellyFlight Operations Technologist and Leader
John Kelly is a principal of Eagle Cap Software and sits on the company’s Board of Directors. As a key member of Eagle Cap’s leadership team, John brings a passion for the aviation industry along with extensive expertise in flight operations, software engineering, and engineering management.

John’s career spans over 35 years of software engineering and management experience, including over 30 years in aviation software development. Early in his career, John was the original designer and developer for many of the key features comprising Jeppesen’s flight planning system. He went on to serve in a variety of technical and leadership roles at Jeppesen including architect, technical sales, engineering management, as well as the Director of engineering for all flight operations solutions. He is one of the foremost experts on flight planning and dispatch systems in the world. It is no coincidence that John’s tenure at Jeppesen coincided with the company’s transition from a small business aviation flight planning service to one of the premier flight planning systems used by airlines around the world.

The aviation bug struck John at an early age. Growing up near a general aviation airport, John learned to fly and received his private pilot’s license at age 18. He subsequently acquired an instrument rating. Since then, he and his wife Ellen have owned and operated two aircraft. They currently reside in Denver, Colorado where they pursue their other hobbies including tandem cycling, motorcycling, camping, canoeing and visiting their adult sons – Patrick (Portland, OR) and Joey (Madison, WI). John holds a degree in Mathematics from San Diego State University.

Gary Minard
Gary MinardVice President, Business Development
Gary is a seasoned sales and business development executive in the aviation and military markets, helping airlines and military customers of all sizes and from all corners of the globe add value to their operations.

As a key member of the Eagle Cap’s leadership team, Gary brings a passion for the aviation industry along with extensive expertise selling flight operations, navigation, and charting solutions. In his current role as Vice President of Business Development, he is responsible for global Airline sales and channel activities at Eagle Cap Software.

Gary brings 35 years of executive-level experience at Jeppesen (a Boeing Company) managing worldwide sales teams, developing sales channels, and driving sales growth – with a particular emphasis in the Airline market. His strength is driven by his ability to build genuine connections with people at all levels, motivate sales teams to achieve consistently high levels of success while creating relationships of trust and confidence with clients.

Gary holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the University of Vermont. Originally a native of Vermont, Gary calls Colorado and Arizona home where he lives with his wife Trish, enjoying many outdoor activities with his two daughters and two grandchildren.

Press Releases

The Eagle Cap Name

Eagle Cap Software is, in part, named after Oregon’s majestic Eagle Cap Wilderness located in the Wallowa Mountains. The Eagle also symbolizes America and everything it represents (innovation, quality, determination), which we felt was fitting for the Eagle Cap Software team.